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Welcome to Twin City Plating

A Committed Leader

Twin City Plating (TCP) has been a committed leader in the plating and metal finishing industry since 1936. Serving precision machining and manufacturing companies across a wide array of industries: Pharmaceutical,Food Handling Equipment, Electronics, Automotive, Defense, Aerospace, Production Equipment, Plastic Injection Molding, Oil & Gas, etc.


Specializing in Electroless Nickel, TCP has over 10,000 gallons of capacity on six lines with tanks and lifting capabilities to handle some of the largest projects. Along with EN, TCP also provides Anodize, Hard Coat Anodize, Electropolish, Passivation, and Hard Gold Plating services.

Our Goal

Provide customers with a trusted source for their metal finishing needs by way of innovative solutions, exceptional quality, and top notch customer service.

For more information on our processes, click here.